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Navratri Mahotsav Festival in Gujarat.
International Kite Festival.
International Kite Festival.

Royal Gujarat Tour Package

  07 Nights / 08 Days  
  Today, proceed to Utelia via Nalsarovar & Lothal. Visit Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary. Arrive at the Lothal -The major attractions in Lothal are the vast ruins of the ancient city & an archeological museum. Overnight stay at the Utelia palace.

  Today, proceed to Bhavnagar via Velavadar National Park. Arrive at Velavadar National Park, where you can sight animals like Blackbuck, Wolf, Jackal, Jungle Cat and Fox. Proceed to Bhavnagar. On arrival check in to the Bhavnagar palace. Overnight stay at the Bhavnagar palace.  
Today, visit Barton Museum, Gandhi Samruti & Sardar Samruti. In the evening take a Heritage Walk of Bhavnagar. Overnight stay at the Bhavnagar palace.
  Today, early morning proceed to Palitana from Bhavnagar. Visit temples city Palitana. In the evening, visit Jain Museum and Handicraft Market of Palitana town. Later, return To Bhavnagar. Overnight stay at the Bhavnagar palace.  
  Today, proceed to Gondal. On arrival visit the Navlakha Palace & Classic And Vintage Car Museum. Rest of the day is at leisure to enjoy the facilities within the palace. Overnight stay at the Gondal palace.  
  Today, proceed to Wankaner palace. On arrival check in to the Wankaner palace. In the evening walk down the Wankaner town for a glimpse of rural culture. Overnight stay at the Wankaner palace.  
  Today, proceed to Wadhvan Palace. On arrival check in to the Wadhvan palace. In the evening walk down to the Wadhvan village for a glimpse of rural culture. Overnight stay at the Wadhvan palace.  
  Today, drive to Ahmedabad. Arrive at the Ahmedabad in the evening. Tour ends  


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